Water purification and treatment systems
 Filtering systems - chemical products for ecology

Our services

The services division provides the operating support required prior to the sale of a system and during and after its installation.

After Sales service:
  • Supply of chemical products
  • Supply of spare parts and consumer materials
  • Operating assistance with after-sales maintenance
  • Operating assistance with scheduled maintenance

Maintenance contracts:
  • Operational management of ordinary periodic maintenance
  • Operational management of extraordinary maintenance
  • Operational management and global service for systems in outsourcing

The preventive and scheduled maintenance operations forming part of our system management service are based on the following procedures:
  1. DRAFTING OF SYSTEM REGISTERS to confirm the regular technical management processes, the operating methods used and the relevant maintenance information on technical shutdowns of environmental equipment.

  2. DRAFTING OF A WASTE DISCHARGE SELF-CHECKING MANUAL, signed by the system operating manager and kept at the disposal of the authorities for inspection purposes.
When the systems are correctly maintained, the FORESEEABLE ENVIRONMENTAL RISK IS REDUCED TO THE MINIMUM, Risks of this kind regard events which can be monitored to prevent the parameters at the drainage point from being exceeded.

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