Water purification and treatment systems
 Filtering systems - chemical products for ecology


The primary technological objective of waste water purification system production is to achieve levels that fall within the parameters contained in the tables of legislative decree 152/2006 and, in any case, in line with the values specified in the regional regulations which put the water safeguard standards into application.

The parameters at the drainage point have to be kept within the maximum limit values in an economical and technical simple way, to assist the customer's company in carrying out its core business and daily operations while safeguarding the environment in which the company carries out its business, both now and in the future.

A water treatment system designed and built to guarantee observance of the permitted limit values at the drainage point, at all times and on a continuous basis, while at the same time producing value for the customer, is our sole inspiring philosophy. In this way, the company's environmental investment becomes an asset in its relations with the bodies whose task is to sustain the interests of the environment.


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