Water purification and treatment systems
 Filtering systems - chemical products for ecology


During this phase, the customer obtains a service which consolidates the added value deriving from the installation of a water treatment system.

Prior to the installation of the system, our environmental technical specialists assist the customer with the following operating aspects:
  • consultancy on the environmental standards applicable to the company in terms of the treatment of waste water and the waste products deriving from it (sludge, filtering residues, etc)

  • drafting of applications for drainage permits from the relevant authorities

  • drafting of technical reports as part of the documentation required by public bodies

Our consultancy services also include operating support based on an evolved integrated management partnership on the customer company's environmental policies:
  • operational management consultancy on the maintenance of the waste water treatment systems, with the drafting of intervention and management plans based on the UNI standards

  • financial consultancy and aspects of fiscal planning for investment projects regarding environmental goods and the use of incentives and grants from official national bodies.

  • organisational consultancy and development of internal environmental auditing systems in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 standards.

  • training courses for internal waste water treatment operating personnel

  • regular analysis of the drainage waters and checks on their chemical and physical parameters by authorised laboratories

  • technical assistance with analytical procedures during inspections by the relevant authorities (in the event of possible violations due to any occasional failures to comply with the terms of the waste permit and when the limit values as set out in table 3.X of legislative decree 152/2006 are exceeded)

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