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Our company was established in 1971. It designs, manufactures to order and markets primary and waste water purification and treatment systems using Mencaglia know-how.

The systems which we have installed over the last thirty years and more are designed and built for use in a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors, and make use of proprietary and acquired technologies which use the most effective and efficient treatment processes, both in terms of running costs and the purification process (chemical-physical, biological, membrane, etc).

We use know-how that we’ve built up in the production of industrial filtering systems (quartzite, active carbon, self-cleaning, pre-coat, basket, cartridge, candle and other filter types) to optimise the treatment processes, in combination with the most suitable automation methods for the running of the systems (PLC, pneumatic and electronic, automation, etc).

The specialist technological skills we've been able to build up using Mencaglia know-how in the treatment of waters containing hydrocarbon and emulsified oil pollutants have taken us to the position of being a leading supplier for the major Italian groups operating in the extraction and petrochemical sectors, for whom we install water treatment systems and carry out feasibility studies for systems to be used in highly specific applications.

To ensure that we're able to operate on site, in general sites, oil fields, tunnels and infrastructures under construction, and in all those areas where the presence of technical specialists in the field is necessary, this has become an integral part of the training that we give our support personnel.

Today, we use the Mencaglia know-how that we've acquired for the safe, efficient installation of the systems most suitable for the specific water treatments of companies which have to comply with the legislation on emissions at the drainage point to the sewage network and surface waters, and with legislative decree 152/2006 and related national and regional regulations, as well as with ministerial decree 185/30 on the reuse of such waters.

We work to order, using project management methods and procedures. Our product components are both standard and made to measure, in accordance with the requirements of each single customer, to whom we offer the solutions that best respond to the specific problems facing the company.

The company policy is geared towards collaboration with the customer, from the initial phase of application for permits to the preventive and extraordinary maintenance of the systems installed, with a view to obtaining the best overall results in economic and technical performance terms, to ensure that the customer gets the very best out of its investment in environmental technology.

We supply a service and finished product which satisfy the environmental standards and the customer's expectations in value for money terms. This is the prime objective of our mission today, and all our operations focus on this new point of reference in inter-company relationships.

To reinforce our competitive position, we work with partners who are able to certify our customers to the ISO 14001:2004 environmental standards and/or on the basis of the EMAS regulations.

The use of project management methods and information technology to back up the design processes guarantees continuous improvement of the internal management and production outsourcing procedures, with a view to optimising the speed of service we offer the customer.

Constant technological updating forms an integral part of the training we give our personnel, to ensure that we're able to supply the customer with customised solutions and implement them quickly.

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